3 Effective Sales Tactics for Small Businesses


To run a business effectively and efficiently requires a lot of upfront effort. Efficiency demands processes, protocol, and foresight in every aspect of your business. This endeavor cuts across strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and especially sales.

Here are 3 sales tactics you should master to increase your sales effectiveness.

  1. Believe in what you’re selling: For business owners, this isn’t too big of an ask because you are intrinsically devoted to and passionate about your own businesses. You should have an easy time selling your business because you truly believe that you are the best and that what you provide is unparalleled in excellence.

  2. Scarcity principle: For service-oriented businesses, you may encourage clients and/or potential clients to be decisive or risk having you move on to sell the services to another client, thus becoming unavailable by the time they get back to you. Using scarcity is a little different if you sell products rather than a service, but you can apply this method using the concept of promotional pricing or if you have a limited number of items in stock.

  3. Make the experience enjoyable for the customer: When on the phone with a client, give them undivided attention, ask questions so you can learn about them, and then try to swing the casual talk towards subjects that they are familiar with and enjoy talking about. Almost every conversation you have with a potential client should end with ‘Thank you so much for giving me your time, I really enjoyed speaking with you.’ Even you don’t make the sale, you have secured an image in the client’s mind about your brand, and the quality of your services. You never know when that can turn into a referral or a potential client down the line. One of the biggest compliments your business can ever get is when someone who isn’t even a client refers you with the same confidence that your existing clients will, solely based on either an interaction with you or feedback from your existing clients.

Whether you’re a lone soldier or you have a team of sales agents, incorporating these 3 sales principles will allow you to have a stronger, more efficient sales conversations. The more effective your conversations are, the fewer calls you’ll need to make and after all, better results with less effort is the true definition of efficiency.